Monday, January 16, 2012

Jan 27th!! First Show is shaping up!!!

Thank you's & Shout Outs. Meet our Community...Shayz Lounge will be mixing up the drinks for this very special evening, Phil McNamara w/ musical guests, The Gaybors, George, Alex, Betty Rehab, The fabulous Gerry Visco the life of any party, Kelly Gorman events promoter , our Live Studio Audience & Shenanigan's, International Internet Correspondent Sensationalist KD, Matt Brand from The Impersonals Sex & Dating...and our Toll Free number for you to call in!!! It's a night of mixing it all up. Click on


  1. Babes, this is a lovely little posting but how comes you don't post no date here? First show, Friday, um....we talkin' Friday January 27th?! Just wanna know coz my dance card is fillin' up. And no doubt your followers will wanna save the date. I'm looking forward to outraging all of yas! xoxoxo Miss Gerry Visco P.S. I prefer gin and tonics so let's hope Shayz-Lounge doesn't just serve those girly drinks!!

  2. The Impersonals will have an answer to all your repressing sexual hangups