Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Story....

Friday NightCap Radio (FNCR), Fridays 10pm-Midnight (EST). We will showcase independent Brooklyn-based entrepreneurs and artists who offer their talents/services in the local area via interviews, reviews, and as
co-hosts. We will also discuss local happenings that support Brooklyn vendors and the community. Not from Brooklyn? We're an audio-zine streaming everywhere you are!
Stream on at

FNCR is a scrappy little homespun broadcast from Brooklyn. This show-without-a-home will transmit from a kitchen in Greenpoint, random restaurants, D-List events, hole-in-the-wall bars, street corners, sketchy parks, and just about anywhere with a strong Internet connection. Your hosts, Laura & Christy, are the conductors of the crazy train that is FNCR. Two strong-willed, single, career-minded, independent artists who are making their lives work in the big grimy, stone-cold city of opportunity. Together, they are an outspoken and unsolicited team that thrives on fresh energy, the unexplored and unexpected.

FNCR cultivates a skewed view of wit, creativity, art talk, and unfiltered self-expression. Listen as they riff on their favorite subjects and spin off into nonsensical tangents. The show will introduce you to the lives of current, up-and-coming, and washed-up artists, personalities, vendors, bands, writers, photographers, and just about anyone who is worth interviewing. They cover a variety of topics, including Pop and Internet culture, night life, music, food, good and bad trends, literature, and sex and dating. Click on and tune in to experience their unique brand of madcap intellectualism.

Our Community…The live studio audience, bands, The Gaybors, Betty Rehab, Our Political Bobble Head, Slopparazzi, The Interns, The Delivery Man, The Impersonals, people who kinda know stuff, and oddball weirdos.

Segments…Music, Cooking with Specials Guests, Mixologist/Bartender of the Week, Happy Hour, The Torture Chair, Your 15 Minutes, The Buzzer, Blogger News, What's New Reviews, Interviews..and much more.

Art/Business Submissions..We want to hear from you. Tell us about your Brooklyn business, art, gig, food, bar, band, or story. This show is about you. email:

FNC is accessible on our international remote from your home/work computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Anroid, car with wi-fi connection, and soon, on good hair days, check us out on video. If you miss a live show just download our free podcasts. This is an adult show that is not appropriate for children under 18 without adult supervision.

Friday NightCap Radio would like to remind you to drink responsibly. If you drink, take a cab or walk. Don't run.

Thank you for your support.

Sloppy smooches,
Christy & Laura

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